Sunday, July 18, 2010

GRE Exam Day Preparation

Every year a large number of students appear for GRE to fulfill the dream to continue the high degree colleges and universities in the U.S. Only in India in 2008 yet. 75,000 students appear for GRE. This suggests that competition is heavy for U.S university admission. 

 GRE Preparation Plan

Make a GRE preparation plan according to the number of days you have before the GRE Exam. One of the easiest and high scoring option is GRE world list. Refer any GRE reference books for this and make flash cards. Every day in the morning memorize around 10-15 words and revise it at the end of the day. Also, when next morning you memorize new set of words revise all the accumulated old ones as well. Even if you forget some of them need not worry, just follow this routine for a month and you will see good result.
Refer your 10th and 12th grade Mathematics books to read GRE Math concepts and formulas and to improve your GRE reading comprehension score read, read and read a lot.
Practice lot of GRE tests online and analyze every test carefully to find your strength and weaknesses. Make a note of all the mistakes that you commit during the test and try to avoid them during next GRE practice tests.
GRE Tips for Penultimate Day
Prior to the GRE Exam day go for a movie or do something so that you feel relaxed. Last minute preparation doesn't help,it only adds to the tress before the GRE Exam.

When the GRE Test begins, start slowly and be relaxed. Ned not rush to solve the questions because you
might miss out on some of the important instructions. Remember initial few questions will set the tone for your so solve first few questions CAREFULLY. Try to solve them correctly even if you are slow.
In the middle of the GRE Test if you get stuck on any one question, do not waste your time just move on. Its very important that you are able to browse through all the GRE questions because usually there is a high penalty for questions you are not able to reach during the GRE test.