Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How to Get GRE 320 Score

This year I have already appear in GRE Test. This is not a daydream that I can pick up the score more then my target.  After living  the exam center I was thinking  about the wrong answer given by me.
I had already know regarding how students preparing  this exam by reading the articles. This habit was very helpful me for my planning.

I am now tell my experience with you!

my score: 326
Quant: 167
Verbal: 159
AWA: 4.5

Mock test score at the beginning of preparation: 310.

It is not really difficult to reach near to GRE Score 320. I was unable to spend my extensive hours for learning because I was an ordinary student. If we compare GRE Exam with others this is totally different.

Fundamentals of the Test:

Actually GRE analysis your skills including verbal and quant section.  Not needs to quick. However, GRE exam is your choice and you will appear in the test. Ready to practicing the verbal skills by reading novels also watching movies.

Go through for GRE Preparation:

ETS is the right place for guidance.

Vocabulary  Practice for GRE :

when I was preparing for Exam several words continuously use which was a good analysis. Unexpectedly it was essential to work on 4k words it is recommended by teachers. in fact it isn't necessary. But 2k words was a time wasting even for better result. However your consideration  regarding words was testing by the GRE Exam. You are more able to evaluate the sentence context and structure and select the important material from them.

Never afraid from new words or nor  Embrace from your language. I was start practicing by selecting 20 words a day and reached to 500 within an hour which was my target as the exam date neared.

Quant reasoning:

Your fundamental math perception must be strong. If you are unconfident start your study with the help of  Manhattan strategy guides. Princeton 1014 and Manhattan 5lb is good and I think enough for preparation.