Monday, October 22, 2012

GRE Analogy Strategy

1. discover a sturdy link between the stop Words

  In mainly cases, the new correctly you can convey the relationship among the two words, the enhanced. A accurate formulation is further possible to help you locate the right answer.

2. Take the Answer choice

    come across for the answer alternative match up that has the same connection as the twig pair.
    at once eradicate answer choices that don't in shape the bridge.
    at all times struggle all the answer preference; you could find that extra than one answer choice facilitate with the link that you built.
    If simply one answer selection workings by the link you built, decide on that answer choice.

3. correct the link required

    If supplementary 1 answer selection works, you'll have to fine your link .
    If nothing of the answer selection work, you most likely call for to enlarge it.
    judge alternating clarity for the twig words. possibly your link uses the mistaken description of a word.

4. If caught, Build link among Answer picking join up .

    get rid of every answer selection that have no burly connection.
    remove every alternative that have an equal connection to an extra answer choice.
    be cautious of answer selection that repeal the link.