Monday, August 22, 2011

Improve your GRE math score

1. Control basics

During the tutoring sessions, and we continue to handle all three aspects of the test. We first examine their basic mathematical skills and decide if you spend some time trying to strengthen their math skills before the actual GRE. It is important to understand that you do not get good results unless you know the basics of arithmetic, number of properties, algebra and geometry, and that is counterproductive, more difficult questions, which are the official leaders, without always try a solid foundation.

To put it in basketball, if you score below 540 and you want to go to the actual GRE questions, it's like trying 3-pointer, do not know how to shoot the layup. You will probably need at least do a little bit of work so that the arithmetic average of the test can be done faster. At this point, forced to show all your work. Write your work if you do a math problem to reduce the number of mistakes you make, and also accelerates the ability to solve mathematical.

2. Develop the ability to solve problems through creative thinking, thinking and looking for patterns.

Arithmetic ability is only one basis, and it is just to get a good mark. How to do more complicated problems, you will see that many of them are the same as before the second question. What will change at first glance like a problem that tons of calculation is relatively simple and less time consuming if you need a pattern or use local arguments seem. Tutoring is very useful in this area. Together with his teacher, you can go to all different types of problems and learn the most effective ways to manage these problems so that eventually you can do every problem on the test in less than two minutes.

3. Learn to manage your time more efficiently.

Basically you need to learn how to questions of you suck will be recognized in time. Then you have to discipline these questions is to skip some educated guesses. It is possible to lose up to 9 or 10 questions on the mathematics section, and even in the high 700 guests. This means that they are not actually do 28 questions, 18 but assuming that you are 18 right. The bottom line is that the questions that you probably advise something wrong, and spend more time on those, you know that you are doing it correctly.

Also keep in mind that the GRE math exam is a test with some math in it. For a large number of questions that seem to require a lot of calculation, it is often possible to doubt a lot faster to the decision, or should be replaced by simpler numbers inside to learn to recognize these opportunities and exploit them for their own benefit. Generally, if a question seems too high calculation, that require a calculator, it is easier and faster way.