Sunday, July 24, 2011

GRE Sentence Completion

Sentence completion questions make up about a quarter of the brand for the verbal portion of the GRE. Each question contains one or two spaces, and you need the best choice to find a full sense of the word justice. Be sure to check carefully the sentence, so that you cancel all the instructions built into the sentence.
On average, you will need a 45-50 seconds to answer each question. Our tests have to answer 12 questions in 10 minutes Mini.


Each set has one or two whites. Choose the answers that contain the word or words that best complete the sentence.


There are people who think only about the poor and less educated people use slang, but this idea is _________.

(A) states,

(B) Popular

(C) is false

(D) is widely

(E) ineffective

Consider these two examples:

    Due to the strong rain in the spring of the tenants were ---- about flooding. Despite heavy rains, the tenants were ---- about flooding.

Which fits the top of the empty word in the sentence? Well, if it rains a lot, then it is natural for people to be concerned about flooding.
So worried or concerned, the word could fit in a vacuum. We know from the first words of the sentence that says "Due to the strong rain."
Now the second sentence begins with the word, despite that the tenants feel something, even if it says a lot of rain.
The word in a vacuum is probably the one that the opposite of what you want tenants to feel if it means heavy rains.
Thus, in the second set, we should answer for those looking for carefree and not worry about.
There is always an indication of the logical structure of the sentence the words that are available.