Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plan your GRE Study

You have to know the current level of skill and how much practice can be test.To determine your current level of practical skills exam preparation for the GRE power. Suppose you have a 900 in practice test.Next determine the amount you want to dial in the GRE (realistic). It would be good to get 1600/1600, but only a certain amount of time to study.Your GRE study plan depend on the following

Type of institution they want to attend the goal of the evaluation.

 * Therefore, to suggest that decided Score 1200th goal then you have to plan a course of action to achieve the objective.
 * Create a detailed note of the advantages and disadvantages of each practice test. For best results, you need to work on their weaknesses.
 * Determine your learning style.

Would you like to spend some time each day
how to work with another friend to prepare for exams
Spend a specified time 2 days a week ..

 For a total of 1200 on the GRE test, you have to spend time is calculated based on

time of day is going to happen
learning style
University deadlines

How to register for the GRE

  * If you have only 2 months and I score of 1200 and can only spend an hour a week, you can expect results in GRE 900-1000
  * GRE Study Materials: Make sure you have enough material and the right to prepare for exams. If you want to study for 3 months, then you need to have learning materials for 3 months.
 * Is the notebook to monitor performance.
 * Spend allocated according to plan. Work on weak areas (verbal words, math, algebra ,..).
 * After completing the test, GRE practice, make sure you spend more time analyzing the errors. If you spent two hours taking the test, spend at least three hours to analyze the errors. But if you spend 30 minutes just to see the correct answers, but we are improving the weaknesses.
 * At the end of two months if they continue to score 900, you must blame yourself. Back to the curriculum and see if you are really just a plan or ad-hoc and are not disciplined enough to follow the plan.

 * Pay attention to the mistakes and correct them once a week. Therefore, to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
 * Do not forget to spend time in the practice of research in areas of high GRE test.
* You must be a milestone to keep track of your progress. If you have four months to research and the need to improve 200 points, then every month your score to improve the assessment of the direction of the goal.
* If you learned new strategies for the section during the practical test, get the right answers. If you spent a week to improve the stretch, and then at the end a lot of   wrong answers, just lost a week of their time to prepare.
 * For example, if you are weak in understanding the GRE and spent a week learning new strategies and if they still make mistakes, try new strategies. RC resolve 25 per day. RC live and sleep, get it.
 * You must stick to the plan of study and monitor closely. You need to have self-discipline to adhere to the plan and that what distinguishes people who just have big dreams and accomplishments. It may be tempting invitation to your friends to go to the cinema during the study and decide .