Thursday, December 9, 2010

GRE is the right choice

With many colleges now accept the GRE and GMAT, applicant can choose the test that best suits them. But how can we decide? Here are some points to consider before you choose to write the test:

Which test is approved by your school? If your first choice does not accept both tests, the decision for you. If yes, what most students have received, it could indicate a preference for the test against others.

Consider your demographics. Some schools use to develop their demographics applicant to see that because of lower prices and increase the number of GRE test equipment is available in both tests.

What programs of study? Some employers consider the test scores of recruitment, particularly in investment banking and consulting fields. If you have a career in these areas that affect your decision.

If you plan to use? Currently, most B-schools only accept test scores, so if you plan to use during the next year, you can right the GMAT, to open as many doors as possible. But scores of GRE and GMAT are valid for 5 years if an MBA in the future, but not for a couple of years, it will be less restrictive account.

What would you preform better? "... If your background is in education or in art and writing or they are much stronger than in the dictionary of probability and statistics is a chance that you'll do better on the GRE "says Kaplan spokeswoman Carina Wong. Finally, your MBA application must focus on their strengths and show your ability to succeed in the B-school, choose a test that does this.